Yesterday, June 19, 2019, we had a pleasant surprise while we were navigating quietly near the beach of Barceloneta. A large group of dolphins came to visit us at sunset! It was amazing, they hovered near the boat about half an hour. The frame was incomparable, the sea and the sky had a beautiful color, it was a very quiet afternoon without wind or waves and the boat sailed slowly so that we could enjoy the sunset in Barcelona from the sea … and suddenly we saw how a dolphin jumped out of the water right in front of the boat.  
See dolphins so close to the coast of Barcelona is not as usual as it can be more offshore where they like to live with more space and quiet, although it is obvious that they are friendly and social as they stay swimming near the boats even playing and jumping as if they knew you were watching them. We thank the Mediterranean Sea for this gift that he gave us yesterday and we hope that it becomes the most usual event in our boat trips in Barcelona. If you want to enjoy a boat trip in Barcelona with your family or friends, contact us! You will not regret! We are waiting for you 🙂 The Barcelona Sailboats team
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