A few hours before the nerves were running very high. One of the most important and memorable events of Muna and Manuel’s lives was aproaching and everything had to go according to plan. But at sea you know, safety comes first and that day the weather forecast was not the best.

Muna did not know anything, she believed that she was going to a simple boat trip along the coast of Barcelona but we had everything coordinated and organized so that it would be a very special day. Manuel was going to kneel and request her to marry on our sailboat the “White Satin”!

The crew was ready, captain and sailor ready to sail. Our magnificent photographer, Dominyka, prepared to do what she likes but this time with two added difficulties: take photos on a boat with the rough sea and pretending she has not been hired to photograph a hand request, but was there simply because he likes it (so that Muna would not suspect).

Once the presentations are made, we were a little bit less nervous (not Manuel hahaha), we set sail from the port olimpic to find the incomparable views with the sun falling on the city of Barcelona with the colors of the sunset from the sea.

Our main concern was the waves as the forecast was for waves of 1 meter. And indeed, once at sea, we noticed that the forecast has not failed, there are even waves that reach 2 meters. But we had a plan B!

After 15 minutes of intense navigation we enter the beautiful “port vell” where the waters are sheltered and calm. With the beautiful views of Montjuic, Columbus statue, boats and the skyline of the city, it is time for Manuel to take action.

Mona in the bow, relaxing music in the background, two glasses of champagne and the sun in the perfect position, so Manuel decides to take the step and kneels in front of her to offer the ring. She said: Yes, I want!

It was one of the best boat trips of our life.

We want to thank Manuel for his trust in us for having chosen us as accomplices for that special moment.


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