Are you thinking about renting a boat in Barcelona and you want to know which one suits you best? Here we explain you what kind of boats you can rent in Barcelona with the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each one.

What kind of boat should I rent in Barcelona? Sailboat, catamaran, yacht or speed boat. Advantages and disadvantages of the boat rental in Barcelona of each type of boat.

Most of the boats have the necessary equipment to enjoy several hours and even days at sea: bathroom, electric fridge, music speakers and cabins (except some motorboats that do not have a bathroom or electric fridge) so the boat rental in Barcelona will allow you to enjoy wonderful hours with your family or friends at sea sailing along the beaches of Barcelona. If you rent a boat in Barcelona you will be able to enjoy the views of the city skyline from the sea and enjoy the breeze and the sun. You can and swim or snorkel in the Mediterranean Sea. In Barcelona there are several anchoring places and in one hour of navigation you can be on the beaches of Badalona or Montgat (calm and clear water beaches). You will also have the option of swimming deeper into the sea if you like it (ideal for the 2-hour boat trip). The most recommended in Barcelona is the boat rental by hour with skipper because in this way you can enjoy the experience without worrying about anything and you can navigate without having any navigation license.

Rent a Sailboat in Barcelona:

Renting a sailboat in Barcelona is ideal for small groups of up to 11 passengers, perfect for family trips, excursions with friends, romantic experiences, etc.


  • -More economical than other types of boats.
  • -Low fuel consumption (2-4 liters / hour)
  • -Silent navigation (when using the sails not the motor).


  • -Reduced speed (5-7 knots (9-14 km / h)).
  • -Limited capacity to 11 passengers plus captain.

If you rent a sailboat in Barcelona you will be able to enjoy the sea sailing silently, sail using the sails helping to drive the boat if you wish (ideal for lovers of navigation and for the team building activities). The capacity / price ratio offered by the sailboat is undoubtedly the best compared to the rest of the boats. To sum up, if you are a group from 2 to 11 people who wants to enjoy a few hours at sea without great pretensions of space and luxury, the sailboat is undoubtedly your best option.  

Rent a catamaran in Barcelona

Renting a catamaran in Barcelona is ideal for groups of more than 11 people. The catamarans have more space and capacity than any other type of boat due to the long width they have, provided by having 2 hulls (instead of one in the case of the conventional sailboats (monohull)).


  • -More space to lie down, dance, etc.
  • -More capacity (up to 28 passengers).
  • -Less transverse balancing (favourable for people prone to motion sickness).


  • -More expensive than sailboats.
  • -Reduced speed just like sailboats (5-7 knots (9-14 km / h)).

To sum up, the catamaran rental in Barcelona is perfect for parties and celebrations of large groups, team buildings and activities where a sailboat is too small.  

Rent a Yacht in Barcelona

Renting a yacht in Barcelona is ideal if you are looking for comfort, luxury, speed and power.


  • -Speed ​​(thanks to its power they can navigate up to 20 knots (38 km / hour).
  • -Comfort (they have more luxurious and spacious interiors such as living room with sofas, TV, etc.)


  • -More expensive than sailboats.
  • -High fuel consumption.
  • -Noisier navigation (due to engine power).

We advise you to rent a yacht in Barcelona if you want to be able to visit many different places and long distance enjoying high comfort. The price of the yachts starts from double that of the sailboats due to the high fuel consumption, but if the price is not an impediment and you prefer comfort and speed, the private yacht ride in Barcelona is your best option.

Rent a Speed boat in Barcelona

Renting a speed boat in Barcelona is ideal if you are looking for speed, agility, fun, power and adrenaline.


  • -Speed ​​(thanks to its power they can navigate up to 30-40 knots (58-78 km / hour).
  • -Agility (due to its good weight / power ratio and small size you can easily go from beach to beach).


  • -More expensive than sailboats.
  • -Fuel consumption (more than sailboats and catamarans, but less than yachts).
  • -Noisier navigation (due to engine power).
  • -They do not usually have cabins (they usually have a bathroom, but not cabins unlike the rest of boats, which you can use to sleep for a while).
  • -More sensitive and insecure against rough sea (having less length and weight they are not as safe against strong waves as the rest of boats are).

We recommend you to rent a motorboat in Barcelona if what you want is agility and fun. With the speed boat you can visit many different places and feel the pleasure of sailing at high speed on the waves of the Mediterranean.

We hope you liked the comparison of the possible boat rentals in Barcelona. We are at your disposal for any questions or clarification. You can contact us by email (, call and WhatsApp (+34651954925) or through the web online chat. Have a nice day at sea! The Barcelona Sailboats team
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