Are you thinking about celebrating your birthday in an original and fun way? In celebrating a special event with your family or friends? Your hen party? In making an exclusive gift for your partner? Or simply enjoy a relaxing day at sea? Then renting a sailboat in Barcelona privately under the command of a professional captain will be your best choice.

In this post we want to explain briefly the usual conditions of boat hire by hour with skipper, everything you can do on a private boat trip, the different options of places to go you will have and some tips.

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Without a doubt, renting a sailboat and enjoying the breeze and the sun, listening to your favorite music and enjoying an aperitif is one of the best plans you can do in Barcelona. Also, if you do it surrounded by your family or friends, it is insurmountable.


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What are the usual conditions? What is included and what is not included?


Depending on the company with which you contract the rental, the conditions may vary, but usually the following is included in the price:


– Boat rental

– Professional Captain (can be included in the price or paid separately)

– Passengers insurance

– Fuel (can be included in the price or paid separately)

– Appetizer and a welcome drink (can come as extra)

– Final cleaning (can come as extra)


NOTE: Normally the boats have a fridge and it is allowed to bring drinks and food on board.


What is not included and is recommended to bring:


-Food and additional drinks.




What can be done on board? What tours can be made?

Enjoying a boat trip is easy, the list of pleasures is long and depending on the way of being of each person you can participate in the navigation of the boat with the help of the captain or to lie relaxed in the bow of the boat enjoying the breeze and the sun.

You can appreciate the views of the coast and the city skyline of Barcelona from another angle, listen to your favorite music, sail without the noise of the engine only with the force of the wind, swim near a beach or the open sea, etc.


The route will depend on the duration of the rental, the weather, the state of the sea, the wind and the intentions of the client and the captain.

With departure from Barcelona there are several options and each one has its charm. Here we explain the most common routes:


Out to the open sea:

In Barcelona, ​​the predominant wind is the Garbí (South-West) so if you are a sailing lover or you have never tried it and would like to experience the pleasure of sailing without a motor noise, only by sailing, the Garbí will push our sailboat heading to the sea from where you can appreciate the amazing views of Barcelona from the sea. This route is ideal for the 2 hour excursions, especially at sunset time.

sunset barcelona from the boat

sunset barcelona from the boat

To the North:

This is the best option for routes of 3 or 4 hours as it will give time to anchor in one of the beautiful beaches near Barcelona such as Montgat. You will also have the possibility of stopping to eat at one of the restaurants in the port of Badalona if you decide to hire the whole day route (8 hours).

Montgat beach sailing

Montgat beach

To the south:

If you like to sail and do not mind being several hours sailing, you have the possibility of heading south and get to Port Ginesta or Garraf where you can taste delicious typical Mediterranean dishes in the restaurants of both ports.

Port Ginesta boats

Port Ginesta boats

Practical tips:

And finally we leave you some brief but useful tips so you can enjoy your boat rental to the fullest:

-Reserve in the morning:

The sea is almost always calmer in the morning because at noon the wind starts to rise and little by little it forms a little wave that depending on the day can reach around 1.5 meters. So if you want to secure the shot book your boat trip in the morning.

-Take biodramina one hour before:

It is advisable to take biodramina one hour before the excursion to avoid sea sickness. There are people more prone to sea sickness than others but it is always better to prevent than to cure.

– Bring prepared food:

The boats usually have a kitchen on board but it is small and it is uncomfortable to cook with the movement of the sea, so we recommend bringing prepared food and disposable plastic plates.


We hope you liked this post, that you have solved some doubts if you had them and that you are encouraged to rent a sailboat for a few hours along the coast of Barcelona. You will not regret!


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If you have any questions or clarifications, you can leave a comment in this post or write to: or whatsapp or call +34651954925.

We hope to see you soon!


The Barcelona Sailboats team

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