Returning to Barcelona on our boat trip to the Cote d’Azur we have found an unexpected gift … the visit of the whales. Other times we had sighted whales, but our boat had never been so close to these huge and beautiful animals.

The outer part of the Gulf of León and the north of Menorca are a common place for whales. In fact, it is an area where many marine animals live, dolphins, whales and even the great tuna that rises to these latitudes in its migration.

The first sighting has been a huge common whale swimming around our boat.

The common whale is the second largest animal in the world (after the blue whale) and can measure 27 meters length.

It is curious that during all the time we have been hanging around the whales a good number of small dolphins were playing around there. Maybe it’s a regular company for them.

It is possible to see whales in the distance, especially when they breath you can see their jets of water, but usually they are fugitive and are not as curious as dolphins, which are swimming and playing around the boat all time.

It has been a great culmination of this trip through Marseille, Tolon, Porqueroles, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monaco, a beautiful coast, well maintained and surrounded by luxury and large yachts.

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