🌞All the beaches of Barcelona city – List with details, photos and map

🌞All the beaches of Barcelona city – List with details, photos and map

Below you will find a list of the different beaches of Barcelona, ​​with a summary of the kind of people who frequent them, the atmosphere and the main features that you will find in each of them. We also show you how to get there and we show you a few photos of each one. Let’s go!  

San Sebastià Beach

The beach of San Sebastià is the closest to Hotel W, an essential part of the new “skyline” of the city. Barceloneta beach is full of life, young people and tourists. If you are looking for a festive atmosphere, public sports areas, meet people and have plenty of options to drink, eat or buy anything and that you can also easily reach from the city center, this is your beach. How to get there: BUS 47/59 / V15 / D20

Barceloneta Beach

It is the oldest and most famous beach in the city. It is located at the gates of the neighbourhood that gives it its name, where we recommend you go to taste some tapas in its picturesque and authentic bars! (If you are interested in these bars, you can find more details in our post. Barceloneta beach is full of life, young people and tourists. If you are looking for a festive atmosphere, public sports areas, meet people and have plenty of options to drink, eat or buy anything and that you can also easily reach from the city center, this is your beach. How to get there: BUS 47/59 / V15 / D20

Somorrostro Beach

Somorrostro beach has the charm of mixing people “of a lifetime” with the influx of tourists that comes here. Its public during the day is much more familiar than in its neighbouring Barceloneta Beach and is usually full of children playing and old people walking along the shore from the port to the rocks.

In this area of ​​the promenade is where the more VIP restaurants and chill out areas of the beach are located, and as a curiosity, it is the best place in the city to enjoy the sunrise!

How to get there: BUS 47/59 / V15 / D20 (or walking along the beach from Barceloneta Beach towards Port Olímpic).

Nova Icària Beach

Nova Icària beach receives that name for its proximity to the famous Icaria avenue, in one of the best residential areas of the city of Barcelona: The Olympic Village (Villa olímpica).

Until a few years ago this was the most familiar beach in Barcelona and with more influx of local people on the weekends. Lately there are many young people at sunset time (and throughout all the year) to play sports in this area of ​​the coast.

The breakwater that limits this beach to the south is the same as the Olympic port through which small sailboats and windsurfers enter and leave the sailing school in Barcelona (“centre municipal de vela de Barcelona”).

How to get there: BUS H16 METRO L4 ¨Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica¨.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell beach is specially equipped for people with reduced mobility and has showers with chairs and platforms that reach up to the water for easy access.

This beach also has two of the most famous beach bars or restaurants in Barcelona: ¨Escribਠand ¨La Sardinita¨, in both you can taste rice and quality fish on the beach.

How to get there: BUS 59 / H16

Mar Bella Beach

This beach in the district of San Martí has ​​a large nudist area.

It also has a nightlife club focused to the gay public that has made the beach frequented by this public.

How to get there: BUS H16 / V29 / V27

Levante Beach

This is the closest beach to the Port del Forum, it is a family beach attended by residents of the area and well known for the space reserved for people with dogs.

This dog beach is delineated with fences and to enter you must let your dog be identified by the chip. In this link you will find all the necessary information:

How to get there: METRO L4 “Selva de mar”

Montgat beach

This beach is not located in the city of Barcelona, is located in the small village called Montgat but is very near from Barcelona and it is very beautiful and less crowded than the Barcelona ones.

The water is always very clean and clear. This is definitely our favourite beach near Barcelona.

How to get there: Bus: Lines B29, B30. Train (RENFE): R1 – Montgat Nord (right by the beach).

We hope all this information is helpful for you! Enjoy your time at the beach and sea! The Barcelona Sailboats team.
⛵COMPARATIVE of type of boat rentals in Barcelona 2020 – Sailboats, catamarans, yachts and speed boats – What kind of boat should I rent in Barcelona?

⛵COMPARATIVE of type of boat rentals in Barcelona 2020 – Sailboats, catamarans, yachts and speed boats – What kind of boat should I rent in Barcelona?

Are you thinking about renting a boat in Barcelona and you want to know which one suits you best? Here we explain you what kind of boats you can rent in Barcelona with the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each one.

What kind of boat should I rent in Barcelona? Sailboat, catamaran, yacht or speed boat. Advantages and disadvantages of the boat rental in Barcelona of each type of boat.

Most of the boats have the necessary equipment to enjoy several hours and even days at sea: bathroom, electric fridge, music speakers and cabins (except some motorboats that do not have a bathroom or electric fridge) so the boat rental in Barcelona will allow you to enjoy wonderful hours with your family or friends at sea sailing along the beaches of Barcelona. If you rent a boat in Barcelona you will be able to enjoy the views of the city skyline from the sea and enjoy the breeze and the sun. You can and swim or snorkel in the Mediterranean Sea. In Barcelona there are several anchoring places and in one hour of navigation you can be on the beaches of Badalona or Montgat (calm and clear water beaches). You will also have the option of swimming deeper into the sea if you like it (ideal for the 2-hour boat trip). The most recommended in Barcelona is the boat rental by hour with skipper because in this way you can enjoy the experience without worrying about anything and you can navigate without having any navigation license.

Rent a Sailboat in Barcelona:

Renting a sailboat in Barcelona is ideal for small groups of up to 11 passengers, perfect for family trips, excursions with friends, romantic experiences, etc.


  • -More economical than other types of boats.
  • -Low fuel consumption (2-4 liters / hour)
  • -Silent navigation (when using the sails not the motor).


  • -Reduced speed (5-7 knots (9-14 km / h)).
  • -Limited capacity to 11 passengers plus captain.

If you rent a sailboat in Barcelona you will be able to enjoy the sea sailing silently, sail using the sails helping to drive the boat if you wish (ideal for lovers of navigation and for the team building activities). The capacity / price ratio offered by the sailboat is undoubtedly the best compared to the rest of the boats. To sum up, if you are a group from 2 to 11 people who wants to enjoy a few hours at sea without great pretensions of space and luxury, the sailboat is undoubtedly your best option.  

Rent a catamaran in Barcelona

Renting a catamaran in Barcelona is ideal for groups of more than 11 people. The catamarans have more space and capacity than any other type of boat due to the long width they have, provided by having 2 hulls (instead of one in the case of the conventional sailboats (monohull)).


  • -More space to lie down, dance, etc.
  • -More capacity (up to 28 passengers).
  • -Less transverse balancing (favourable for people prone to motion sickness).


  • -More expensive than sailboats.
  • -Reduced speed just like sailboats (5-7 knots (9-14 km / h)).

To sum up, the catamaran rental in Barcelona is perfect for parties and celebrations of large groups, team buildings and activities where a sailboat is too small.  

Rent a Yacht in Barcelona

Renting a yacht in Barcelona is ideal if you are looking for comfort, luxury, speed and power.


  • -Speed ​​(thanks to its power they can navigate up to 20 knots (38 km / hour).
  • -Comfort (they have more luxurious and spacious interiors such as living room with sofas, TV, etc.)


  • -More expensive than sailboats.
  • -High fuel consumption.
  • -Noisier navigation (due to engine power).

We advise you to rent a yacht in Barcelona if you want to be able to visit many different places and long distance enjoying high comfort. The price of the yachts starts from double that of the sailboats due to the high fuel consumption, but if the price is not an impediment and you prefer comfort and speed, the private yacht ride in Barcelona is your best option.

Rent a Speed boat in Barcelona

Renting a speed boat in Barcelona is ideal if you are looking for speed, agility, fun, power and adrenaline.


  • -Speed ​​(thanks to its power they can navigate up to 30-40 knots (58-78 km / hour).
  • -Agility (due to its good weight / power ratio and small size you can easily go from beach to beach).


  • -More expensive than sailboats.
  • -Fuel consumption (more than sailboats and catamarans, but less than yachts).
  • -Noisier navigation (due to engine power).
  • -They do not usually have cabins (they usually have a bathroom, but not cabins unlike the rest of boats, which you can use to sleep for a while).
  • -More sensitive and insecure against rough sea (having less length and weight they are not as safe against strong waves as the rest of boats are).

We recommend you to rent a motorboat in Barcelona if what you want is agility and fun. With the speed boat you can visit many different places and feel the pleasure of sailing at high speed on the waves of the Mediterranean.

We hope you liked the comparison of the possible boat rentals in Barcelona. We are at your disposal for any questions or clarification. You can contact us by email (info@barcelonasailboats.com), call and WhatsApp (+34651954925) or through the web online chat. Have a nice day at sea! The Barcelona Sailboats team
🐬Dolphin watching in Barcelona at sunset

🐬Dolphin watching in Barcelona at sunset

Yesterday, June 19, 2019, we had a pleasant surprise while we were navigating quietly near the beach of Barceloneta. A large group of dolphins came to visit us at sunset! It was amazing, they hovered near the boat about half an hour. The frame was incomparable, the sea and the sky had a beautiful color, it was a very quiet afternoon without wind or waves and the boat sailed slowly so that we could enjoy the sunset in Barcelona from the sea … and suddenly we saw how a dolphin jumped out of the water right in front of the boat.  
See dolphins so close to the coast of Barcelona is not as usual as it can be more offshore where they like to live with more space and quiet, although it is obvious that they are friendly and social as they stay swimming near the boats even playing and jumping as if they knew you were watching them. We thank the Mediterranean Sea for this gift that he gave us yesterday and we hope that it becomes the most usual event in our boat trips in Barcelona. If you want to enjoy a boat trip in Barcelona with your family or friends, contact us! You will not regret! We are waiting for you 🙂 The Barcelona Sailboats team

🐳Whale and dolphin watching in the Mediterranean crossing from the Cote d’Azur to Barcelona.

🐳Whale and dolphin watching in the Mediterranean crossing from the Cote d’Azur to Barcelona.

Returning to Barcelona on our boat trip to the Cote d’Azur we have found an unexpected gift … the visit of the whales. Other times we had sighted whales, but our boat had never been so close to these huge and beautiful animals.

The outer part of the Gulf of León and the north of Menorca are a common place for whales. In fact, it is an area where many marine animals live, dolphins, whales and even the great tuna that rises to these latitudes in its migration.

The first sighting has been a huge common whale swimming around our boat.

The common whale is the second largest animal in the world (after the blue whale) and can measure 27 meters length.

It is curious that during all the time we have been hanging around the whales a good number of small dolphins were playing around there. Maybe it’s a regular company for them.

It is possible to see whales in the distance, especially when they breath you can see their jets of water, but usually they are fugitive and are not as curious as dolphins, which are swimming and playing around the boat all time.

It has been a great culmination of this trip through Marseille, Tolon, Porqueroles, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Monaco, a beautiful coast, well maintained and surrounded by luxury and large yachts.

🥇Top 8 – Best things to do in Barcelona for young people (and not so young) without museums or monuments

🥇Top 8 – Best things to do in Barcelona for young people (and not so young) without museums or monuments

Barcelona is a modern and fun city with a lot of things to do. Good climate, located next to the Mediterranean sea, magnificent cuisine and above all… cheerful people and a special atmosphere in the streets that makes Barcelona to be unique.

In Barcelona Sailboats we love this city in which we have lived and enjoyed since we were children and we want to share with you what we believe are the best things to do in Barcelona, leaving aside the museums and the typical monuments:


Nº 8-Excursion to the top of the Carmel Bunkers

If you have not went out the night before and you are fresh, we recommend that you climb the Carmelo bunkers where you can enjoy a spectacular 360º panorama of Barcelona.The altitude is 260 meters above sea level and there is really no bunker but it was an anti-aircraft platform during the Spanish Civil War.

* How to get there: Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/5M8LWk6q1LucxL5JA


Joan in the bunkers del Carmel


Ubicación bunkers del carmel

Location of bunkers del carmel


Nº 7-Make a private boat ride along the coast of Barcelona

Without a doubt, this is an original and fun plan. Renting a sailboat for a few hours with skipper to sail along the coast of Barcelona in private with your friends or family is amazing.

Paseo en barco en Barcelona

Boat trip in Barcelona


You can enjoy the breeze and the sea, listen to your favorite music by connecting your mobile to the ship’s speakers, taste an aperitif (fuet, cheese, olives, chips, etc.) and drink a glass of cava, a beer or a soft drink. You can also bring additional food and drinks as there is a fridge on board.

All kind of boat trips are offered: romantic for couples, friends, birthdays, relax, business team building, family with children, fishing, etc.

Alquiler de barco con patrón en Barcelona

Boat rental in Barcelona


The maximum capacity of the boats is 11 passengers and the prices are based on the duration of the trip (2, 3, 4 or 8 hours) and the number of passengers (from 1 to 11 people).

*Incluído: Barco, patrón, combustible, aperitivo y una bebida por persona.

*Included: Boat renta, skipper, fuel, snacks and one drink per person.

 Find out the price of your boat trip  


Nº 6-Drink a cocktail with live music at the Milano Cocktail Bar:

It is probably where the best cocktails in Barcelona are made.

Milano Cocktail Bar

Milano Cocktail Bar

Bar Milano is located in the heart of Barcelona, two minutes from Plaza Catalunya, although the entrance is not very striking so below we show you a photo so you can find it easily (Address: Ronda de la Universitat, 35, 08007 Barcelona – Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/pRqjpYqdRsaZJGgX7)

You can have a great cocktail with live music (usually Rock, Blues or Jazz) every day of the year. In their website you can see the musical program: https://www.camparimilano.com/programacion-musical/

* Recommendation: Call in advance for a reservation as it is usually filled.

Entrada del Milano a la izquierda junto al Bracafé

Entrance of Milano cocktail bar just at the left side of Bracafé



Nº 5-Eat a good paella:

If you know which restaurants to go to and especially to avoid the pre-cooked paellas offered by many downtown restaurants (especially in the ramblas and surroundings), in Barcelona you can enjoy very good paellas.

Our first recommendation is the restaurant “La Barraca” (passeig de la Barceloneta, 1, 08003 Barcelona). It is on the seafront overlooking the beach.
They have many types of rice (paella, black rice, fish and meat rice, etc), all of them very good. Price approx. € 30 / person

* Tip: Call and book a table on the first floor (is where there are good sea views).

Sandra comiendo paella en la Barraca

Sandra enjoying a paella in la Barraca


Sandra y Joan en la Barraca vistas al mar

Sandra and Joan in la Barraca with sea views

Our second recommendation is to eat a paella in the restaurant: “La Barca del Salamanca”. There is one on the Paseo de la Barceloneta and another on the Port Olímpic.

* Tip: If you want to eat a good menu with the best quality / price ratio (during the week) for just 12€, go to “la barca del Salamanca” at Port Olímpic. We assure you that you will not go hungry and there are many dishes to choose from: Calamares, pescadito, chipirones, paella, fideuá, etc. In addition to the dessert, they always give you a Santiago cake and a digestive shot to finish the meal.

Juan, Lluís y Joan comiendo el menú de la barca del Salamanca (port olímpic)

Juan, Lluís y Joan eating the menu of la barca del Salamanca (port olímpic)


Pescado fresco en la puerta de la barca del Salamanca

Fresh fish at the entrance of de la barca del Salamanca


Nº 4-Go out for Tapas:

In Barcelona you can enjoy a lot of tapas if you know what bars to go to. We will tell you our favorite bars to go for tapas, which are undoubtedly in the most suitable neighborhoods for it: El Born and la Barceloneta (especially the last one).

  • By the Born:

-El Xampanyet: It’s on carrer Montcada near the Santa Maria del Mar Church, it’s always crowded so be prepared for the bustle but it’s worth it.

* Tip: accompany the tapas with a glass of xampanyet (sparkling wine)

-Bar Celta Pulpería: It is at the end of carrer Princesa (number 50). Magnificent Galician octopus, ham croquettes, potato omelette and Galician empanada.

Joan tapeando en la Pulpería celta

Joan enjoying tapas in la Pulpería celta


  • In Barceloneta:

  • -Jai-ca: There are two Jai-ca bars so if one is full you can try the other one. Both are on carrer Ginebra. Undoubtedly the best are their fritters (artichokes, fish, etc). Try them, you will not regret it.-La bombeta: It is said that they make the best hot pumps in Barcelona.Tip: take cash with you, they do not accept credit card.

En la puerta de la Bombeta

Entrance of la Bombeta


La carta de la Bombeta

Menu of la Bombeta


-El vaso de oro: Located on carrer Balboa number 6, they offer craft beers and magnificent tapas. *Recommended tapa: Solomillo (very good cow meet)

Sandra en la puerta del Vaso de Oro

Sandra at the entrance of el Vaso de Oro



Nº 3-Half day trip to Sitges

If your stay in Barcelona is more than two days, we recommend going to Sitges to spend a few hours. It’s half an hour by train (from Barcelona Sants station) and it’s definitely worth it.

It is a coastal town with a lot of charm and good atmosphere in the streets.

Walking from the center of Sitges to the port d’aiguadolç bordering the coast is beautiful. The round trip walk is 1.5 hours approx.

Also in the port you can eat very well.

Recorrido caminando por la costa de Sitges

Walking trip by the coast of Sitges


* Recommendation: Eat a rice with lobster in the restaurant “Can Laury” of the port d’Aiguadolç, it is delicious and the place is magnificent with maritime atmosphere very close to the boats of the beautiful port d’Aiguadolç.

Sandra en Sitges

Sandra in Sitges


Puesta de sol en Sitges

Sunset in Sitges


Port d'Aiguadolç

Port d’Aiguadolç


Port d'Aiguadolç

Port d’Aiguadolç



Nº 2-Rent a bike and walk along the Barceloneta promenade from Hotel W to the Forum.

If you are going to stay in Barcelona for a long time we advise you to get the Bicing card (Public bicycle renting -47€/year) but if you are only a few days you can rent a bicycle by hour near the Barceloneta (for example at Passeig Joan de Borbó).

Take the tour from Hotel Vela (going up first to the square next to the hotel from where you can see the Mediterranean Sea from above) to the Forum.

You will cross the entire beach of Barceloneta with a lot of atmosphere passing through the lively Port olímpic, following the beach of Bogatell to the “Platja de Llevant” (almost in the forum) and back.

There is a bike path in the entire route. Highly recommended every day of the year.


En bici por la Barceloneta

Sandra and Joan in Barceloneta riding bicycles


Nº 1-Go out end enjoy the nightlife of Barcelona according to the area and style that fits you best:

One of the best activities to do in Barcelona at night is to go partying in one of the 4 areas / discos that we recommend. Each one has its own style, choose the one that best fits your taste:

  • Barceloneta / Villa Olímpica (Opium, Shoko, Pacha)

    Good DJs, they are by the sea and have a terrace. The music is commercial electronic and the atmosphere is good with a lot of tourists.

Discotecas Barceloneta / Villa olímpica

Discos at Barceloneta / Villa olímpica

  • Aribau (Bling Bling, Suton)

    This area is more crowded by local people, the style is elegant (clothing: shoes and shirt) and the music is commercial electronic and “pachangueo”(Spanish and latino music).

  • Razmatazz (Marina area)

    If you like the underground / urban environment this is your disco. The dress requirements are less demanding than other clubs. The place is huge with many rooms and styles (Rock, electro commercial, Techno, etc).

  • Apollo (poble sec)

    Modern, daring atmosphere, no demands on clothing. The music depends on the day you go (Monday – indie and rock, weekend – electronic, etc.)

  • Here we leave a map with the location of each party area:

Mapa zonas de fiesta Barcelona

Nightlife zones of Barcelona


We hope you like what we have advised you to do in Barcelona! And if you book a boat trip with us we will meet in person !!

We leave the link below so you can book:

Find out the price of your boat trip



The Barcelona Sailboats team

⚓Rent a boat in Barcelona by hour with captain (charter with skipper)

⚓Rent a boat in Barcelona by hour with captain (charter with skipper)

Are you thinking about celebrating your birthday in an original and fun way? In celebrating a special event with your family or friends? Your hen party? In making an exclusive gift for your partner? Or simply enjoy a relaxing day at sea? Then renting a sailboat in Barcelona privately under the command of a professional captain will be your best choice.

In this post we want to explain briefly the usual conditions of boat hire by hour with skipper, everything you can do on a private boat trip, the different options of places to go you will have and some tips.

boat rental barcelona

white satin

Without a doubt, renting a sailboat and enjoying the breeze and the sun, listening to your favorite music and enjoying an aperitif is one of the best plans you can do in Barcelona. Also, if you do it surrounded by your family or friends, it is insurmountable.


Find out the price of your trip



What are the usual conditions? What is included and what is not included?


Depending on the company with which you contract the rental, the conditions may vary, but usually the following is included in the price:


– Boat rental

– Professional Captain (can be included in the price or paid separately)

– Passengers insurance

– Fuel (can be included in the price or paid separately)

– Appetizer and a welcome drink (can come as extra)

– Final cleaning (can come as extra)


NOTE: Normally the boats have a fridge and it is allowed to bring drinks and food on board.


What is not included and is recommended to bring:


-Food and additional drinks.




What can be done on board? What tours can be made?

Enjoying a boat trip is easy, the list of pleasures is long and depending on the way of being of each person you can participate in the navigation of the boat with the help of the captain or to lie relaxed in the bow of the boat enjoying the breeze and the sun.

You can appreciate the views of the coast and the city skyline of Barcelona from another angle, listen to your favorite music, sail without the noise of the engine only with the force of the wind, swim near a beach or the open sea, etc.


The route will depend on the duration of the rental, the weather, the state of the sea, the wind and the intentions of the client and the captain.

With departure from Barcelona there are several options and each one has its charm. Here we explain the most common routes:


Out to the open sea:

In Barcelona, ​​the predominant wind is the Garbí (South-West) so if you are a sailing lover or you have never tried it and would like to experience the pleasure of sailing without a motor noise, only by sailing, the Garbí will push our sailboat heading to the sea from where you can appreciate the amazing views of Barcelona from the sea. This route is ideal for the 2 hour excursions, especially at sunset time.

sunset barcelona from the boat

sunset barcelona from the boat

To the North:

This is the best option for routes of 3 or 4 hours as it will give time to anchor in one of the beautiful beaches near Barcelona such as Montgat. You will also have the possibility of stopping to eat at one of the restaurants in the port of Badalona if you decide to hire the whole day route (8 hours).

Montgat beach sailing

Montgat beach

To the south:

If you like to sail and do not mind being several hours sailing, you have the possibility of heading south and get to Port Ginesta or Garraf where you can taste delicious typical Mediterranean dishes in the restaurants of both ports.

Port Ginesta boats

Port Ginesta boats

Practical tips:

And finally we leave you some brief but useful tips so you can enjoy your boat rental to the fullest:

-Reserve in the morning:

The sea is almost always calmer in the morning because at noon the wind starts to rise and little by little it forms a little wave that depending on the day can reach around 1.5 meters. So if you want to secure the shot book your boat trip in the morning.

-Take biodramina one hour before:

It is advisable to take biodramina one hour before the excursion to avoid sea sickness. There are people more prone to sea sickness than others but it is always better to prevent than to cure.

– Bring prepared food:

The boats usually have a kitchen on board but it is small and it is uncomfortable to cook with the movement of the sea, so we recommend bringing prepared food and disposable plastic plates.


We hope you liked this post, that you have solved some doubts if you had them and that you are encouraged to rent a sailboat for a few hours along the coast of Barcelona. You will not regret!


Find out the price of your trip



If you have any questions or clarifications, you can leave a comment in this post or write to: info@barcelonasailboats.com or whatsapp or call +34651954925.

We hope to see you soon!


The Barcelona Sailboats team

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